Our working method is simple, fast and effective. You contact us by phone or email and are directly in touch with a lawyer. During a free, no-obligation introductory consultation, we will give you an initial assessment of your case, and insight into the costs.

In consultation with you, we decide if it is worthwhile solving the case by legal process. In the case of disputes, we first try to reach a satisfactory result through consultation and negotiation. If this is not successful, we assess whether going to court can achieve that result. Sometimes we refer you to another expert.

Your costs can therefore be kept down, as long as prompt action is taken. But also, because we always check whether you are eligible for subsidized legal aid. If this is the case, you do not pay us anything, or at most a contribution determined by the Council for Legal Aid. We are already helping a great many clients in this way. You can check on the Council for Legal Aid website whether you are eligible for subsidized legal aid.

Otherwise we work for you on the basis of an hourly fee. Thanks to our modest size, the costs are low and the hourly fee is very competitive. Within certain limits, this can also be adjusted to your possibilities and the urgency, importance and nature of the case.

Chris Ingelse regularly works with Murk Muller. Murk Muller accepts cases in corporate law, transport law and civil law. He is also an attorney (Rechtsanwalt) in Germany.

Try us out by calling us or post your question by e-mail.

Salvador Ingelse Lawfirm Maastricht Working Methods

Salvador IngelseodsSalvador Ingelse Lawfirm Maastricht Working Methods

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